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Until tomorrow. You've met your match. I feel tired all the time. He did not die of cancer. You should not worry so much because of the things that happened long ago and not with us. I want to talk to the doctor. Maybe you should apologize for all of the stupid things you did. To my knowledge, this chemical will prevent germs from breeding.

He's so exhausted he can barely breathe.

This table is heavy. I hope your new boss likes you. You know everyone here, I think. What a great place! Jinchao treats me like I'm still a kid. Greed makes people do strange things. We were excited. Are you good at speaking Chinese? All that was left to our country were regrets and miseries.

There is only one book on the desk. Take a look at this report. A morning erection: Will it last only until I take a leak? You don't have to answer those questions. My grandfather is very fond of reading. I always say goodbye, and I stay. This is the reality and we must accept it. I didn't mean to wake them up. He always eats eggs without salt or pepper. Now give me that.

All the Parisians have gone outdoors. I've been looking for a better place to live. Jennie walked into the courtroom. He broke six windows one after another. You and I'll never agree.

Sassan couldn't say for sure when he'd come back. This flower smells sweet. Just leave it to me. How many are left? She took her book. Will you dance with me, my little clown? No need to leave them. The man fell in love at first sight. Don't teach fish to swim.

He said yes. The work was not ending. The building was reduced to rubble. The motion was unanimously adopted. Gene was planning on killing his unfaithful wife. I don't have any feelings for her.

I wonder if I should warn her. He didn't have to say it twice. That's totally incorrect. We're facing serious problems. Angola became independent in 1975. Did you tell Izumi you were mugged? I'm getting rid of all this junk. Let me give you a ride to the station.

I can't wait to eat the cake. Why haven't you eaten the food I cooked? I'm a good sailor. If you touch that wire, you will receive a shock. I'm sure Jess had to work late. I must learn Japanese. Both Matt and Rita are my co-workers. Show them what you can do! Go for it! I watch television twice a week. Nora was extraordinary.

Having worked all day, you must be exhausted. I knew I should've married Geoff. This sentence seems right to me. We actually don't have to do that now. What is all the fuss about? I've never cared for Kirsten. I'm a tennis player. I hope I can work with Lar again.

Many people denounced President Wilson. Did you come here alone? What've you done lately? Leora can be relied on. Get lost, kid! He flushed into rage. Donna put on his blinker.

Ozan tried to persuade Skeeter to go to John's party. They are making preparations for the trip. We've made it to Berlin, onwards to New York. It's raining, so the kids aren't playing in the yard. I wouldn't have worried about that. I'd ask her.

Rajeev retired. Vadim is the only one here who's tall enough to reach the top shelf. I watched for the last chance. I let her catch me. He saw no advantage in waiting any longer. All the color went from Patricia's face. What is most troublesome is the corruption of the best.

Ariel used to live deep in the jungle. That quarrel distanced him from his father.

A new car came to a standstill in front of the bank. I guess Murray already knows. The bug is underneath me. Try some caviar.

Why did you stop updating your blog? I always looked forward to reading it. Did you write this fairy tale by yourself? The worst was yet to come. Why should I give you this?